These oil paintings are ways of communicating the lived experience of melt-downs, during and afterwards, as well as the sensation of extended-detail focus. These experiences, which the medical fraternity refers to as ‘repetitive patterns’ and ‘restricted thinking’, are common thought structures in autistic neurotypes. Autistic people often have variable functioning levels, and sometimes are non-verbal. These paintings aim to communicate these sensations non-verbally, through colour and form.

These paintings are recognised as a valuable insight into autistic lived experience, and are displayed in and owned by various institutions including Autism CRC Brisbane, and others.

“Without Words 1” | 2016 | 23.5” x 35” | Oil on Board

“Without Words 2” | 2016 | 23.5” x 35” | Oil on Board

“Tunnel Vision” | 2018 | 10” x 10” | Oil on Cavas